Air Freshener Dispenser

Micro Aroma Dispenser

Choose a variety of high-quality micro aroma dispensers, have fun mixing and creating your own scents or choose from our perfumers' preset mixing options.


  • The diffuser guarantees to provide fresh air and a soothing aroma, while the LED with a color light make your peaceful place, a little more friendly.
  • It has 3000+ sprays of special anti-bacterial formula long-lasting nontoxic battery operation.
  • It is a fully automatic air freshening machine with a light sensor which can spray automatically at predefined time intervals features light sensor mode saves fragrance
  • These dispensers are a must for public areas like malls, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, airports, stadiums, etc.
  • Neutralizes stale and foul odour quickly and provides fresh air. Extremely silent operation.

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