Paper Dispenser

Paper Dispenser

Paper dispensers are standard intended to fit all measure of towel papers. The units are intended to withstand light to overwhelming paper quality effortlessly. This dispenser is intended to store conservative towels. Together they make a minimized hand towel framework for use in more tightly spaces. The simple to stack allocator includes a review window empowering you to check paper levels before topping off, accomplishing increasingly proficient support. The lockable allocator additionally dissuades pilferage and waste.

Our dispensers are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic material, which is intense, tough material that is recolor safe and simple to clean.


  • The units are designed to give the hassle-free wall-mounted installation.
  • Easy refill: The unit is equipped with a locking design. A locking feature at the top allows you to open the front casing for easy refills. A transparent strip on the container lets you know when the paper will run out.
  • It holds up to 400pcs paper towel and works well in keeping your counter surface clutter-free.
  • Dispenses high capacity 8 Inch diameter rolls to help reduce costs and maintain user satisfaction.
  • This high-capacity, universal dispenser works manually

Application Areas:-
  • The offered paper dispensers are ideally used in Hotel Bathroom Toilet, Offices, Kitchen, Schools, Hotels.