Air Freshener Dispenser

Remote Control Air freshener Dispenser

A remote-controlled automatic air freshener offered with more comfort and efficiency of use. Not only can you keep your house scenting good all the time without much effort, but you can also control precisely when the fragrance is released and at what intensity.


  • The remote-control auto perfume dispenser is controlled by cosmic CPU and infrared-ray coding technology.
  • Sensor technology, three operating choices: 24 hours a day, when sensing light, when sensing darkness.
  • This model features a light sensor to allow daytime only or night only or 24 hours operation and a timer to vary the dosage frequency
  • The product works with 2 pcs D alkaline batteries, refilled with a 300ml fragrance can.
  • The dispenser can release between 1 and 3 sprays per action. Choose the preferred intensity using the remote control.

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