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Buy Urinal Screen, Citrus Urinal Screen, Best Urinal Screen & Step into a World of Effortless Freshness with AS Advance System’s Premium Products – Top Supplier in Mumbai, India.


Features of Citrus Urinal Screen:

  • Deodorizer with Anti-Infection Properties: Combat germs effectively! Our Urinal Screens serve as deodorizers with anti-infection properties, reducing the spread of germs throughout your facility.
  • Flexible Plastic Design: Adaptability at its best! Crafted from flexible plastic, these screens conform to any size or shape of urinal, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse restroom setups.
  • Drain Protection with Unique Dome Design: Preserve your drains! The unique dome design of our Urinal Screens eliminates floating and movement in the urinal, offering exceptional protection to the drain.
  • Long-Lasting Fragrances: Enjoy enduring freshness! Our Urinal Screens boast long-lasting fragrances that persist for up to 30 days, providing a consistently pleasant restroom environment.
  • Enhanced Bristle Length: Elevate performance! With 11mm bristles, our Urinal Screens surpass the industry standard of 5-6mm bristle products, ensuring superior effectiveness and longevity.

Introducing AS Cottonmist Citrus Urinal Screen: Elevate Your Restroom Experience!

Unleash the power of freshness with AS Cottonmist Citrus Urinal Screen, thoughtfully crafted by AS Advance Systems India Pvt Ltd. As major manufacturers, suppliers, stockists, and traders, we proudly present an extensive array of Urinal Screens under the esteemed AS Cottonmist brand, designed to revolutionize your day-to-day restroom routine.

AS Cottonmist Citrus Urinal Screens go beyond conventional freshness – they infuse your restroom with the invigorating scent of citrus. These screens, part of our innovative line-up, act as powerful deodorizers, germ blockers, and visual enhancers, ensuring a heightened level of hygiene and a pleasantly fragrant environment.

Imagine a restroom experience where the air is filled with the refreshing aroma of citrus, while unwanted odours are neutralized, and germs are actively reduced. AS Cottonmist Citrus Urinal Screens make this a reality, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and more inviting restroom ambiance.

Trust in excellence with AS Advance Systems – a major force in hygiene solutions. Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the extensive array of Urinal Screens offered under the trusted AS Cottonmist brand. From manufacturing to supply and trading, we stand as industry leaders dedicated to transforming your restroom experience.

Unlocking the Benefits: Advantages of Citrus Urinal Screens

  1. Odor Control: Citrus Urinal Screens actively neutralize odors, ensuring a consistently fresh and inviting restroom environment.
  2. Continuous Aroma: With a robust and continuous aroma release, these screens guarantee 30 days of refreshing fragrance, surpassing the scent longevity of traditional options.
  3. Increased Scent Concentration: Enjoy multiple times more scent compared to conventional screens, enhancing the overall freshness of your restroom.
  4. Reduced Urinal Splatter: Citrus Urinal Screens help minimize urinal splatter, promoting a cleaner and more hygienic restroom experience.
  5. Variety of Colors and Scents: Available in a range of color and aroma variations, these screens offer flexibility, allowing you to personalize the ambiance of your restroom.
  6. Individually Wrapped Convenience: Each Citrus Urinal Screen comes individually wrapped, ensuring ease of use and maintaining hygiene standards.
  7. Economical Packaging: Sold in cases containing 10 screens each, these screens offer a cost-effective solution for consistent restroom freshness.
  8. Hygienic Application: The individually wrapped screens contribute to a hygienic application process, prioritizing cleanliness in high-traffic restroom areas.

Incorporate Citrus Urinal Screens into your restroom routine to experience the multifaceted advantages they bring, enhancing cleanliness, fragrance, and overall hygiene standards. Elevate your restroom experience today!

Unlocking Versatility: Applications of Citrus Urinal Screens

  1. Restroom Deodorization: Citrus Urinal Screens serve as powerful deodorizers, effectively neutralizing odours and creating a fresh and inviting restroom ambiance.
  2. Germ Control Throughout Facilities: With anti-infection properties, these screens contribute to reducing the spread of germs, enhancing hygiene standards throughout your facility.
  3. Adaptable to Any Urinal Size/Shape: Crafted from flexible plastic, Citrus Urinal Screens adapt seamlessly to any urinal size or shape, ensuring a universal fit for various restroom configurations.
  4. Drain Protection: The unique dome design of these screens goes beyond deodorization, actively protecting drains by eliminating floating and movement in the urinal.
  5. Long-Lasting Fragrance: Enjoy a consistently pleasant restroom experience with Citrus Urinal Screens’ long-lasting fragrances that extend for up to 30 days.
  6. Enhanced Bristle Length for Superior Performance: With 11mm bristles, Citrus Urinal Screens provide superior performance compared to standard 5-6mm bristle products, ensuring effectiveness and longevity.

Incorporate Citrus Urinal Screens into your restroom routine to experience their diverse applications, addressing odor control, germ reduction, adaptability, drain protection, and long-lasting freshness. Elevate your restroom hygiene with AS Cottonmist – where innovation meets versatility!