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Room Freshener

Buy Room Freshener, Room Freshener Spray, Room Freshener Machine, Room Freshener Refills & Step into a World of Effortless Freshness with AS Advance System’s Premium Products – Top Supplier in Mumbai, India.


Welcome to a world where every breath is a moment of rejuvenation, every room is an oasis of tranquillity – welcome to AS Cottonmist, your ultimate destination for premium Room Fresheners. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the impact a fragrant environment can have on our mood and well-being. That’s where AS Advance Systems India Pvt Ltd. steps in as a beacon of freshness and innovation.

A room freshener is designed to mask or eliminate unpleasant odours in a room. These products typically release fragrance and other scents to freshen the air, keeping it free from unwanted smells. They are CFC-free, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly usage. Unlike regular room deodorizers, they have a distinctive fragrance that sets them apart. Once you catch a whiff of the scent, you’ll agree it’s anything but ordinary. In the fast-paced rhythm of modern life, our surroundings often bear the brunt of stress, cooking odours, and other unavoidable scents. AS Cottonmist room fresheners come to the rescue, offering a quick and convenient solution to refresh any space instantly. 

As a leading manufacturer, supplier, stockist, and trader, AS Advance Systems has earned a reputation for excellence in the realm of room fresheners. Our commitment to quality and innovation is embodied in every bottle of AS Cottonmist. With a diverse range of fragrances, each carefully curated to evoke specific moods and sensations, we offer a symphony of scents that cater to every taste.

Presentation Our Premium Room Freshener Collection!

Automatic Room Fresheners: Experience a new era of freshness with AS Cottonmist’s Automatic Room Fresheners. Infused with cutting-edge technology, these devices effortlessly dispense bursts of delightful fragrance at regular intervals, ensuring that your space remains invigorating around the clock. Say goodbye to manual spraying and hello to a hands-free, continuous burst of freshness that transforms your environment into a haven of tranquillity.

Room Freshener Sprays: For instant freshness that captivates your senses, AS Cottonmist Room Freshener Sprays are your go-to choice. Crafted with precision and infused with premium fragrances, these sprays are designed for on-the-spot rejuvenation. Whether it’s eliminating post-cooking odours, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests, or simply refreshing your space, our room freshener sprays offer a burst of fragrance that lingers, leaving a lasting impression.

Types of Automatic Room Freshener Fragrance Refills Offered by AS Cottonmist

Our exquisite collection of Automatic Room Freshener Fragrance Refills is carefully crafted composition, designed to transport you to realms of freshness and serenity. From invigorating citrus notes that awaken the senses to soothing lavender undertones that promote relaxation, our range offers a diverse selection to suit every preference:

Automatic Room Freshener

In the hustle of daily life, creating a refreshing atmosphere shouldn’t be a chore. Our Automatic Room Fresheners are your hassle-free ticket to a continuously pleasant environment… Read more


Room Freshener Spray
In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the impact a fragrant environment can have on our mood and well-being. That’s where AS Advance Systems India Pvt Ltd… Read more


Automatic Room Freshener Fragrance Refills
Our extensive array of Automatic Room Freshener Fragrance Refills, under the trusted brand AS Cottonmist, is designed to elevate your day-to-day life… Read more


At AS Advance Systems India Pvt Ltd., we blend innovation with elegance, offering a range of Automatic Room Fresheners that cater to diverse preferences. From LCD sophistication to LED allure, our dispensers redefine the standard of freshness in every space.

Highlights of Room Freshener

  • Automatic Spray Mode Device: Our room freshener features an automatic spray mode device, providing a hassle-free and continuous burst of delightful fragrance.
  • Versatile Usage: Widely employed in parlors, kitchens, washrooms, and bedrooms, it effectively eliminates unpleasant smells, ensuring a welcoming and fresh environment.
  • Instant Action: Acting in a matter of moments, our room freshener swiftly neutralizes odors, leaving your space refreshed and revitalized.
  • Deodorizer Splash for Your Home: A perfect deodorizer splash, our room freshener is tailor-made for your home, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.
  • Air Refreshment and Odor Elimination: Experience the dual benefits of air refreshment and odor elimination, transforming your surroundings into a haven of freshness.
  • Invigorating Fragrances: Available in a variety of invigorating scents, including Amiraj, Cherry, Apple, Bliss, Brut, and Citrus, our room freshener lets you choose the aroma that suits your mood.
  • Free of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs): Committed to eco-friendly freshness, our room freshener is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), ensuring a safe and responsible choice for your space.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: Designed for your convenience, our room freshener is easy to use, adding a touch of simplicity to your daily routine.
  • Two Varied Quantities: Available in two different quantities per pack, choose from 110ml or 250ml, catering to your specific needs and ensuring a long-lasting supply of freshness.

Experience the Advantages of Room Fresheners: Elevate Your Surroundings and Senses!

  • Scientifically Proven Stress-Relief: Backed by scientific research, room fresheners are known to possess stress-soothing properties, creating an environment that promotes relaxation and well-being.
  • Aesthetic Appeal for Your Home Decor: Adding a touch of luxury to your living spaces, room fresheners come with a rich aesthetic, complementing any home décor effortlessly.
  • Precision in Fragrance Dispersal: With a carefully designed actuator, our room fresheners ensure wide and elevated fragrance dispersion.
  • Versatile for Any Room: Perfect for use in any room, these room fresheners are adaptable to various living spaces. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, they enhance the ambiance and create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Ideal as a Bathroom Purifier: Specifically crafted for optimal performance, room fresheners excel as bathroom purifiers. Combat unpleasant odors effectively, leaving your bathroom with a refreshing and clean fragrance.
  • Nature-Inspired Aromas: Our room fresheners offer a fine selection of nature-inspired fragrances, bringing the essence of the outdoors into your home. Choose from a variety of scents to keep your living spaces perpetually fresh and aromatic.

Embrace the numerous advantages of room fresheners and transform your surroundings into a haven of sensory delight.

Versatile Applications of Room Fresheners: Elevate Every Environment!

Room Fresheners are not just confined to masking unpleasant odors; they offer a plethora of applications to enhance various aspects of our daily lives. Here are some versatile applications of Room Fresheners:

  1. Home Sweet Home: Infuse your living spaces with inviting scents that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Room Fresheners are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and any area where you want to enjoy a pleasant fragrance.
  2. Refreshing Workspaces: Combat stale air in offices and workspaces by introducing Room Fresheners. A revitalizing scent can boost mood, improve concentration, and contribute to a more positive and productive work environment.
  3. Bathroom Bliss: Banish bathroom odors and keep this essential space fresh with Room Fresheners. Specially formulated options are designed to neutralize unpleasant smells, leaving behind a clean and invigorating fragrance.
  4. Retail Therapy: Enhance the shopping experience for customers by creating a pleasant ambiance within retail spaces. Room Fresheners contribute to a positive sensory experience, making customers feel more comfortable and inclined to stay longer.
  5. Hospitality Haven: Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments can elevate guest experiences by incorporating Room Fresheners. Pleasant scents leave a lasting impression, enhancing the overall ambiance and ensuring a memorable stay.
  6. Healthcare Harmony: In healthcare settings, Room Fresheners can help mitigate clinical odors, creating a more pleasant environment for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals alike.
  7. Event Enhancements: Whether it’s a party, wedding, or corporate event, Room Fresheners can contribute to the overall ambiance. Create a memorable atmosphere with carefully chosen scents that complement the theme of your event.
  8. Seasonal Sensations: Switch up scents with the seasons to evoke a sense of freshness and nostalgia. From crisp florals in spring to warm spices in fall, Room Fresheners allow you to tailor your environment to the time of year.

Incorporating Room Fresheners into your daily life offers a simple yet effective way to enhance various environments, creating spaces that are not only clean but also a joy to be in.