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LCD Air Freshener Dispenser

Buy LCD Air Freshener Dispenser, Automatic Air Freshener for Home, Air Freshener Refills & Step into the Future of Freshness with AS Advance System’s Premium Products – Top Supplier in Mumbai, India.


Features of LCD Air Freshener Dispenser

  • Material: Crafted from durable Poly Propylene.
  • Size: Compact dimensions of TH6 x W7.5 x H17.5 cm.
  • LCD Display: An intuitive LCD display that adds a modern touch & provides clear visibility of settings.
  • On-Off Setting: Control the operation with a convenient On-Off setting.
  • Spray Start-to-Stop Time Setting: Customizable duration of each spray cycle.
  • Spray Interval Setting: Adjustable interval setting by choosing the frequency of sprays.
  • Battery Low Power LED Indicator: Provided with LED indicator for signalling when battery power is running low.
  • Fast Installation: Easy and fast installation for instant integration into your environment.
  • Delicate Design for All Rooms: Aesthetically pleasing design suitable for any room.
  • Detachable Mechanism for Easy Maintenance: Easy maintenance with a detachable mechanism, ensuring convenient and hassle-free upkeep.
  • Time-Controlled Interval Dial: Fine-tune the freshness with a dial allowing time-controlled intervals of spray, ranging from 1 to 99 minutes.
  • Programmable On & Off Timings: Align the dispenser with your schedule – program On and Off timings to match work or office hours.
  • Sundays & Holidays Programming: Customize freshness even on special days by programming Sundays and holidays.
  • 24h/Day/Night Sensor Lock: Enjoy flexibility with a sensor lock feature, ensuring optimal performance day or night.

Discover Modern Elegance: AS Advance System’s Range of LCD Air Freshener Dispensers

Elevate your daily surroundings with the cutting-edge innovation of AS Cottonmist‘s LCD Air Freshener Dispenser. Picture a device that not only fills your space with enchanting fragrances but also adds a touch of modern elegance – that’s the essence of our LCD Air Freshener Dispenser. Our LCD Air Freshener Dispenser is a cutting-edge device designed to elevate the way we experience and control the ambiance of our spaces. Unlike traditional air fresheners, this dispenser incorporates a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel, adding a sophisticated and user-friendly element to the freshness it provides.

As major manufacturers, suppliers, stockists, and traders, AS Advance Systems India Pvt Ltd. stand as a prominent company for Air Freshener Dispensers, offering a diverse range such as LCD, LED, and Remote Control Dispensers. Known for their durability, our products undergo rigorous testing, ensuring adherence to international quality standards. Crafted by vendors using premium materials and advanced technology, our dispensers boast a capacity of 3000 sprays, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for freshening up your spaces. Get Yours Today!

Advantages of Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers bring a host of benefits to enhance your environment seamlessly. Here are the key advantages of incorporating these innovative devices:

  1. Effortless Freshness: Enjoy continuous bursts of delightful fragrance without manual intervention, ensuring a consistently inviting ambiance.
  2. Consistent Aroma: Programmed to release fragrance at timed intervals, maintaining a steady and pleasant atmosphere without fluctuations.
  3. Customizable Experience: Adjust fragrance intensity settings to suit your preferences, offering a personalized and tailored freshness.
  4. Time-Saving Technology: Eliminate the need for constant manual effort, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your day.
  5. Modern Design and Innovation: Enhance your space with sleek and modern designs, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.
  6. Long-Lasting Fragrance: Efficient design ensures a prolonged and effective release of fragrance, providing lasting freshness.
  7. Energy Efficiency: Many models feature smart sensors or programmable timers, optimizing resource use and contributing to a greener environment.
  8. Improved Ambiance: Elevate the overall ambiance of your space, fostering a positive and inviting atmosphere.

Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers offer a seamless blend of convenience, efficiency, and freshness. Embrace the advantages of these devices to transform your spaces into havens of delightful aromas effortlessly.

Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser with Three Functioning Modes

Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers prove indispensable across various settings, offering a range of applications to cater to diverse needs. The inclusion of three functioning modes enhances their versatility:

  1. Day Mode:
    • Activates when light is present, ensuring freshness during daylight hours.
    • Pauses operation in the absence of light, optimizing efficiency and conserving fragrance for when it’s most needed.
  2. Night Mode:
    • Senses the absence of light and operates during night-time.
    • Ceases operation when light is detected, preventing unnecessary dispensing and preserving fragrance for night-time use.
  3. 24-Hour Mode:
    • Operates seamlessly, disregarding changes in light conditions.
    • Provides round-the-clock freshness, making it suitable for spaces with varying lighting patterns.

Versatile Applications of Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers find diverse applications across various settings, enhancing environments and providing a multitude of benefits:

  1. Homes and Living Spaces: Transform your living areas into inviting retreats with Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers. Enjoy a continuous burst of pleasant fragrance effortlessly.
  2. Office and Workspaces: Foster a productive work environment by incorporating dispensers into offices. Ensure a consistently fresh ambiance to boost focus and employee well-being.
  3. Hospitality and Hotels: Impress guests in hotels and resorts by using dispensers to enhance lobbies, rooms, and common areas. Create a memorable and inviting atmosphere.
  4. Restrooms and Public Spaces: Combat unwanted odors in restrooms and public areas with dispensers. Ensure a consistently pleasant environment for everyone.
  5. Healthcare Facilities: Create a comforting atmosphere in healthcare settings with dispensers. Carefully chosen scents can positively impact patient well-being.
  6. Fitness Centers and Gyms: Combat post-workout odours in gyms and fitness centers with dispensers. Create an invigorating exercise environment with automated freshness.

From the comfort of homes to diverse public and commercial spaces, Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers prove invaluable in creating consistently pleasant and refreshing environments.

Operating Instructions: Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Operation Panel Instructions

  1. Open the cover and load the batteries with the power turned off before loading the refill.
  2. Ensure the spray hole is not exposed to the face. Press to turn on the power; the LCD panel activates with default settings: MO 00:00 Mo-su 24H, 08.00 Start time, 30d Refill.
  3. Press Test to spray once; pressing for over 5 seconds resets the spray-times-counter to zero.

Programming the Dispenser:

  1. Press Set to enter the programming mode.
  2. Use up/down to set the local day of the week (MO-TU-WE-TH-FR-SA-SU), press Enter for the next setting.
  3. Set local hour, press Enter for the next setting.
  4. Set local minute, press Enter for the next setting.
  5. Set the weekly service period (Mo-fr, Mo-sat, Mo-su), press Enter for the next setting.
  6. Set the daily working hour duration from 00 to 24 hours, press Enter for the next setting.
  7. Change the daily start working time by hour from 08, press Enter for the next setting.
  8. Change the daily start working time by minute from 00 to 59, press Enter for the next setting.
  9. Set the Days to Refill (30, 45, 60, or 90 days), press Enter to finish the whole setting.

Post-Setting Instructions:

  1. The dispenser calculates the spray interval based on a 3000 times refill automatically.
  2. After setting, the Days to Refill counter decreases daily, blinking at 00 when a refill is needed.
  3. After replacement, press Test for over 5 seconds to reset the Days to Refill counter.
  4. Low Power Indicator flashes red every 3 seconds when battery voltage is below 2.4 volts; stops when above 2.4v.
  5. On indicates working period; Off indicates non-working period.

Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Operation

  1. Confirm power switch is OFF, load two “AA” size batteries.
  2. Adjust operation mode from 24H/NIGHT/DAY.
  3. Avoid eyes and face; turn on power for continuous activation based on the selected mode.
  4. If not activated, check the on/off switch. Adjust and set up spray interval from 7.5/15/30 minutes.
  5. Continuous green LED flashing for normal operation; red flash indicates spray time over 3000 times.

Switch Button and Light Functions:

    • Turn on power from OFF to 7.5/15/30 to activate the gear set. Press down once to lead the refill to spray out.
    • Select 7.5 for a spray interval every 7.5 minutes.
    • Select 15 for a spray interval every 15 minutes.
    • Select 30 for a spray interval every 30 minutes.
    • 24H activates in a whole day round.
    • NIGHT activates when there is no light source at night.
    • DAY activates when there are light sources in the daytime.
    • Flashing green LED indicates normal operation.
    • Light source inductor identifying the environment as night or daytime automatically.
  5. RED LED:
    • Alarm light. Flashing indicates a refill may be used up. Replace it and reset the spray counter by turning on/off the power switch.

Follow these comprehensive instructions for optimal use of your Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser.

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